Current Project: DeciTrustNET


DeciTrustNET is an H2020-MSCA-IF-2016 project whose main objective is to develop a Trust based Decision Support System for Social Networks with Uncertain Knowledge.

What are we doing?

In real world decision-making, such as public security, social choice or recommender systems, we have a large body of data from various networked heterogeneous information sources or individuals that often conflict with each other and provide inconsistent knowledge. It is a challenging task to yield an optimal consensus decision, given the range of individual decisions obtained in terms of these knowledge sources.

This research proposal aims to create a novel mathematical and computational framework for trust based social choice in networks and with uncertain knowledge by merging multiple individuals’ preferences in an adaptive manner to reduce the disagreements among them, and automatically seek a decision or provide a recommendation with a maximal consensus.

As a showcase the proposed framework will be used to develop a e-health social network based on trust to increase the healthy lifestyle in patients with specific needs.

More Information about the project research objectives and the last publications in DeciTrustNET web site